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Signaling & Pharmacology Lecture

The Signaling & Pharmacology Lecture is a lecture course specifically designed for the RTG research program.


The goal of this lecture course is to introduce the PhD students to various basic aspects as well as to update them to the state of the art in pharmacology and signaling (focus 7TM-receptors and intracellular signaling).


The Signaling & Pharmacology Lecture will be offered in the first year of the qualification program.


Program 2017


date title
20.01.2017 Individual crash course in pharmacology - general introduction
27.01.2017 Signal transduction mechanisms
07.02.2017 G protein-coupled receptors - introduction
16.03.2017 Intracellular mechanisms of GPCR regulation
New concepts: ligand bias and heterodimerization
28.03.2017 Physical and chemical activation of G proteins
04.04.2017 Cyclic nucleotides / second messenger
GPCRs/G proteins in circulation physiology
GPCRs/G proteins in cardiac physiology
02.05.2017 Feed-back loops
16.05.2017 Myeloid cells - Crucial players for the initiation, maintenance
and control of immune responses
Clinical aspects / clinical pharmacology
Drug development and regulatory affairs